Monday, 1 August 2005


We had a fab Knit Chat on Saturday. I got completely sidetracked when Rose brought round a huge lucky dip bag of Rowan yarns! We could have a couple each, to practise making the project of the day which was a moebius scarf.

I (finally) chose a ball of khaki Cotton Tape and a faberooney ball of Linen Print in "
Smoky" (my birthday wishlist now includes 10-12 balls of this fabulous shade!). I decided I could complement it with some of the left-over Cotton Tape I have in my stash in the "Enchant" shade (deep cerise pink).

The scarf was very tricky to handle to start with, but after the cast-on and the first row it was fine. I still can't get my head round how it works! Anyway, it's fast & easy, and we'll soon be able to see how it turns out.

While we're on the
Rowan topic, have you previewed the latest Rowan 38 mag? I did and unless it's better close up then no thanks. I'm not too impressed with the patterns or the "new" yarns. New? Maybe some, but others (such as Kidsilk Spray) seem to be simply current yarns in new shades. OK so it's variegated, but that's just another colourway isn't it? If you bring out a car in a new colour is it a new car? I didn't think so.. maybe I'm wrong..

Last night I finished the back of my Presto Top, and I love the crispness of the stitch definition, and the mix of shades in the yarn. I'm still not sure whether I should have used the 5mm needles as stated; I went down to 4.5mm as I knit loosely, but it's going to be a close call as to whether it fits a little too snugly or not!
I've got used to the
Sandra magazine patterns now; you need to photocopy the charts and annotate them as much as you need so you can work almost exclusively from them.

My Clover Top is still waiting patiently in the seaming pile; I haven't yet looked for another yarn to use for seaming instead of the silk, which simply breaks too frequently when lacing the seams up. Ho hum.

BTW have you seen the sale at Marchmoon? 20% off all yarns starting today! AAARRRGGGHHH. Why do I never have spare cash when I want it?!

Finally a pic of the beautiful geraniums growing in my hanging baskets atm. I'm definately saving these for next year. They remind me of the Cremosa lollipops!


francoise said...

Presto Top looks really good. I love the pattern details. As for the Rowan 38 I saw the preview this morning and fell down from my cloud very quickly! Actually on some pictures I am not even sure where and what is the knitted item???

Amie said...

That green top is turning out nice! The details ARE lovely! And that yarn looks yummy!

scarletprincess said...

Hi Steph
Your presto top looks wonderful! I know what you mean about spare cash- there's a few things I'd like but dont really have the money for... so far this month I haven't bought *any* wool!!
Hope to see you saturday

Ali said...

I totally agree about the new Rowan Magazine. I wasn't tempted to whip out the old credit card as usual, and the same goes for the Interweave Fall issue. But I can highly recommend the new Fall issue of Rebecca which I just got my hands on yesterday!