Tuesday, 23 August 2005

The votes are in!

Thanks to all of you who voted - you confirmed my thoughts. The winner is the Jaeger Luxury Tweed cardigan as pictured here. I started it today at the Knit Chat meeting, and it looks good!
I don't think it'll be a quick knit as it's a weird stitch pattern involving this: p3tog keeping sts on left needle, yo, p3tog again then slip sts off left needle. It's making a firm fabric so I'm not downsizing the needle size as I usually do.
It was a close call as to whether I made it in the beautiful colour shown, but I ended up buying the
pebble shade.

The project speed doesn't matter; I just wanted something on the go to take on our hols to
Tenby next week. Anyone know of any good yarn shops in the area that I should visit? I know Colourway are in that area, and Colinette may be scheduled in en route if I can convince DH to take my girls to the Llanfair Railway!

The pattern is from a Woman's Weekly Knitting and Stitching Special 2004 magazine that I picked up by chance whilst travelling home from an exhibition about HR systems for work! It also includes this fab cable jumper which I love; this one uses Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK yarn. Guess what I'm on the lookout for. ;-)

BTW, have you seen the
Jaeger JB38 magazine? I love almost every project in there (groan!) I think I may have to purchase that very soon.


scarletprincess said...

It's definately a good choice :) i'll be glad when all the moss stitch is gone and i've got 1/2 way up the last sleeve. Yay!
Hope knit chat was nice- i've booked next week from work though i'll be away for tuesday meet.

dawn said...

Yes, go for it! I see what you mean about the new Jaeger book. I have so many wish list wips that I can't decide!

Tracy said...

You've just GOT to get to Colinette, it's sheer Heaven. If the door's locked just make sure you knock. They're often working round the back and keep it shut as they can't be in the yarn room at the same time as the shop. I spent 2 hours playing with the yarn all on my own. I'm not saying how much I spent.........