Sunday, 7 August 2005

Hey Presto!

I'm loving this Presto Top pattern as it's turning out to be a quick knit with great results. So far anyway.

The back and front are done (identical) and here's the first sleeve. It took no more than 1 hour last night from start to finish! That's the kind of sleeve I like. ;-)

I have to admit to giving in to the Marchmoon sale, although I am trying to curb my stash enhancement atm. When I checked for the Brilla yarn I'd had my eye on, there were just 9 balls left of the exact colour I wanted. It had my name on it! I ordered it immediately on Wednesday evening, so hopefully it should arrive soon.

I also want to get hold of the latest Rebecca 30 magazine and a Filatura di Crosa magazine. Rebecca 30 is supposed to be good but isn't being previewed at their website until 17th August which is the official publication date for it. I can't find any previews of the Filatura di Crosa magazine, but whenever I spot adverts for them in any knitting magazines, they always seem to have a lovely textured pattern shown.

BTW, if you've got the latest Knitting magazine, there's a pic in the Rowan workshop article of our lovely Rose who hosts our Knit Chat club!

We visited my nephew James today and he's thriving I'm happy to say. We had lots of cuddles and he's much more alert now. This is his thoughtful pose. :-)

As for our garden, I finally have flowers on my clematis! This is a breakthrough, as clematis plants don't seem to like my garden. These blooms are small but beautiful.

We now also have some stripy grass safely installed in a pot in our garden too. My MIL donated it from hers, and I was told to put it in a pot as it's very invasive. Pretty though. I just wish I could remember the proper name for it!

Finally... a classic from my youngest daughter today.
Me: "Don't do that darling - it's dangerous. If your hand slips you could fall on your head and be dead, so I don't want to see you do it again, ok?"
Daughter: "Mommy just don't look."
Don't ya just love 'em?!

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scarletprincess said...

Aww your daughter is adorable.... and i'm sure you think so as well... only how many weeks til theyre back at school?!
I mentioned Rose as well... we'll have her famous in no time!