Sunday, 14 May 2006

Merino and silk

I have been totally engrossed in Fortune.

The back is done but as yet is unblocked.

See what I mean about the colour? I just can't get it consist or accurate on the photos!

I've now cast on for the first sleeve.

I'll do a front first, then the other sleeve, then the other front. I can't stand knitting two pieces exactly the same back to back!

Unfortunately the obsessive knitting together with wrestling with the lawnmower before the rain arrived left me with a very sore left wrist. I have to do something in the evening, otherwise I'd be biting my nails or eating non-stop, so I started the next project from my to-do list:

I'm calling her Summer Silk. She's an attempt at re-creating a much loved sweater I bought years ago, and wore until it literally fell apart. It had a crocheted front and the rest knitted.

I'm using a pack of
Rowan Summer Tweed, which feels almost exactly the same as the original yarn. This time it's a lilac shade - the original was a dark beige.

The crocheting is actually quite hard on the hands as the yarn is stiff, but it should soften up with washing once complete, especially with the help of some silk wash which I'm hoping to buy soon.

So another new project, but I reckon I can do it without guilt as I only have 3 WIPs at the moment - must be a new record for me!


Mandella said...

I'm not surprised you have a sore wrist after all that knitting! The new sweater (as you like to name things I'm suggesting "Phoenix") sounds intriguing. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

Julie said...

Forget mowing the lawn; the knitting is more important! :) Both sweaters look fantastic, and I second the name "Phoenix."

minka said...

I completely agree with not knitting the same two pieces back to back, I hate it too!

"Fortune" looks gorgeous, I love that colour