Friday, 26 May 2006

Lace it up baby!

A strange thing happened tonight. I sat down at 9:40pm to seam up the half of my Fortune cardigan that is knitted - and I wanted to do it. Yes, I wanted to get those seams laced up. I think I must be on a chocolate high.

You see, seaming at this point is vital. I've added an extra pattern repeat to the sleeves to try to accommodate my gibbon-length arms, and I wanted to see if it worked. You know what? It has!

See the safety pin army holding the arm in place and the lifeline carefully threaded through the sleeve just before the extra length was added? I'm not taking any chances with this baby.

I'd forgotten just how much knitting is involved in an adult size cardigan using 4mm needles - a lot! I am rather enjoying it though as the pattern has become rather second nature. I'm just using the charts and only occassionally referring to the written instructions, and it's working out real well.

I'm very impressed with the Jaeger Matchmaker merino yarn too - I can see why so many people love it, and (oh dear) they stock it at my LYS where I'm knitting every Thursday morning now..

Anyway, I'd better get rid of those pins and carry on seaming cuz it fits (so far, so good)! Yippee - time for a Jack Daniels and coke to celebrate!


scarletprincess said...

Hi there!
The cardi is looking fabulous! Well done on the voluntary sewing up... I had a dose of that the other night too. It must be catching!
Hope to see you tuesday

Julie said...

Fortune looks terrific! I confess, I hate sewing; must hope for a dose of that sewing-up fever next time I make a sweater! :)

blueadt said...

I've NEVER wanted to sew things up - what chocolate have you been eating?