Friday, 2 June 2006

Blink of an eye

What happened? It's been a whole week since I last posted and I don't know where it's gone. The girls have been on their half-term holiday from school so no knitting morning for me yesterday, but we had a lovely time together in the park today with friends and a picnic. With sunshine no less! Finally - I was beginning to feel very depressed with all the grey skies, rain, and cold temperatures.

On the way to the picnic we called in to a local charity shop to drop off many bags being cleared from our bedroom, and spotted some yarn:

I did leave some at the shop, honest!

I brought this lot home though; there are 4 balls of mercerised red cotton, 4 balls of red sock-weight yarn which is 60% wool and 4 balls of the same yarn in a dark blue.

That little lot only set me back £2.50 so how could I resist?

I don't have any pics of the Fortune cardigan, but the right front is finished and I'm on the second sleeve. Nearly finished!

I've been zooming along with the knitting whilst listening to my newly-discovered
Cast-On podcasts (thanks for the link Fiona!). I'm working my way through them from the beginning, with me newly-acquired "bug" earphones jammed in my ears to connect me up to DH's mp3 player for the knitting chat. Just in time to save me from the World Cup.

Just one more thing - this evening my youngest DD was playing in the garden whilst eldest DD went to karate with DH.
I went into the kitchen to wash up, and DD zoomed in to me and played inside. I asked her if she'd finished playing with her "colossal palace" (her words!) which we had constructed from various garden chairs and blankets on the grass. She answered very matter-of-factly that no, she hadn't finished and was going to play with it again when I went back in the garden with her as she was frightened when I wasn't there with her.

She has a very vivid imagination currently, so that wasn't anything to worry about, but I just thought how amazing it is to be seen by my kids as such a reassuring figure. I worry about stuff all the time, so it's actually really great to know that I must be doing the right things to make my kids feel ok.

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Annette said...

Lucky you! All I've found in charity shops recently is recycled yarn in dismal colours. I won't be able to make it to Beatties on Tuesday as I have a meeting at 1pm. Hope to be back to normal the following week.