Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Clowning about with colour

Warning - this post is heavy on the photos! I have shrunk them down though so click on any one to see the full size version.

You see last Thursday I finally got around to dyeing my wool with the Kool-Aid I've had stashed away for several months. Y'know what? It was easy peasy and great fun! I've got more Kool-Aid on order already.. ;-)

Here's what happened:

Berry Shake
It was fun to see what colours resulted from the "magic" powders as it wasn't obvious. I had my
Kool-Aid chart on hand to help with the initial selections though.

Pink Grapefruit
I did all the dyeing in my microwave, as you can probably tell from the copious amount of clingfilm used! Very quick and easy.

The pipettes in the pictures were only really used for stirring the Kool-Aid. I poured it over the skeins after that.

A final shot of my 3 lovely skeins together:

My favourite has to be Skylime - the turquoise and lime green. It's gorgeous, and of course I've start to knit it up already.


Stephanie said...

Wow! I haven't tried koolaid yet, but with results like these I can't hold out for long. The yarn looks great!

Allena said...

those are beautiful! great job!

Julie said...

They're all beautiful - but I have to admit Skylime is my favorite too! My daughter and I have done a bit of Kool-Aid dyeing - you have certainly provided inspiration to do some more! Also, your Kool-Aid packets are different than ours. I don't know why I find that so fascinating; maybe I'm a nerd. :)

Sue said...

Your dyeing is fantastic. Addictive though isn't it? Welcome to the mad scientists club!

the kitchener bitch said...

what a cool resource that link to the kool-aid chart is. thanks! your experiments look great - nice color choices. Now I've got to go follow your lead and try some kool-aid dyeing myself.