Thursday, 15 June 2006

Colours everywhere

First of all many thanks to those of you who've left comments about my dyeing adventure. They are much appreciated!

I wanted to show you how the Skylime skein is knitting up.

I decided to go for an old classic pattern, and knit a Feather and Fan scarf with a garter stitch edging to show off those gorgeous colours. I think it's turning out just as I'd hoped.

I had great fun explaining it all to the ladies at the knitting session at La Tienda this morning! I took my yarn along and they all found it amazing as most of them don't have access to the Internet, and had not heard of Kool-Aid or ever tried dyeing their own yarn.

I've been focusing on the colours around me as I'd like to do more dyeing. Mother Nature seems to do a grand job of matching them together, especially at this time of year. These pics are from my garden this afternoon:

My wonderful thriving purple sage bush. I love those smoky purples and grey-greens together. The smell and taste are pretty cool too!

The lovely aliums with their rich yellow blooms amongst the contrasting green foliage.

I love this picture - not many colours, but yet so many different shades and shapes together. Can you tell I love the crammed-in overgrown cottage garden look?!

My peony - it always surprises me when it flowers as I never remember what it looks like. Just lovely. :-)


julie said...

I love the crammed-in overgrown garden look too! My husband is a scientist, though, and he likes symmetry. *sigh* So we each have our own garden patches and everyone's happy!

Love how the Skylime is knitting up!

Sue said...

The skylime looks even better knitted up. Your garden looks lovely, I like the crammed in look too. Can't stand regimented lines in a garden. Give me chaos anyday! :-)

Allena said...

your yarn is beautiful! i love the colors. the pix are great toO!

Anonymous said...

I love the feather and fan idea for that yarn. I have some similarly colored yarn myself that I haven't been able to find a good pattern for.