Thursday, 22 June 2006

Mail from a dragon

I got a lovely little parcel in the post today from Dragon Yarns - but no stash enhancement this time. The service was extremely quick, and the items were well packaged.

First of all I bought this card, which I think is just lovely, and will do perfectly for any knitter's birthday.

Next up, a shadecard for Artesano Alpaca.

The colours are gorgeous and the yarn
is beautifully soft, but I think I'm going off it. Y'see every time I stroke the yarn on the shadecard, I'm left with fluffy fibres all over my fingers. I really didn't expect it to shed that much.

Do you think the knitted up yarn would stop doing that after a couple of washes?

Finally the real reason for my order - a shadecard of the Dale Svale yarn.

This DK yarn really appeals to me purely because of it's composition - 50% cotton, 40% viscose, 10% silk - the perfect combination for my sensitive skin.

The actual yarn on the shadecard is not what I was expecting, but I do like it. The range of colours is impressive, and so is the price - £2.45 per 50g ball.

This may be on my birthday wishlist - unless I get too tempted before then of course..


blueadt said...

I had the pleasure of wearing Susoolou's Knitting Olympic shawl which was made from Artesano Alpaca. My black top was covered in fibres far worse than any cat but it was really lovely & warm.

scarletprincess said...

I looked on the dragon yarns site and they seem to have some really reasonable alternatives to the mainstream yarns. I'll have to send for a shade card or two me thinks!

KnitYoga said...

Thanks for the link to Dragon Yarns. They have some stuff there that's different from the usual range. I love the card. LOL Can't help with the Artesano Alpaca as haven't tried it but the Dale Svale yarn looks really interesting. I would think that the viscose and silk content would give it a lovely drape.

All the Way With Knitting said...

I've had no trouble with that alpaca so far Steph .It looks lovely as it has the natural sheen of quality alpaca.

Lady P said...

I have been buying from Dragon Yarns for a couple of years and they are really helpful if you need advice on your purchases. Their product range has gone from strength to strength. They have the best selection of patterns and buttons I have seen on a knitting site. I hope to but some of their kits and books as Christmas presents this year as I love internet shopping. It so beats trying to get a parking space in town in December. I have knitted with the alpaca and my scarf doesn't noticeably shed. Someone told me that the dyed ones don't shed as much as they natural undyed shades. I don't know if its try as I only tried the purple dyed shade.