Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Yarn in.. Garments out..

Not quite that quickly of course!

Have you seen the fab offer on at
Lidl stores around the country atm? I managed to grab some of their goodies in the Newquay store last week - and DH paid for them!

I got a couple of packs of the cotton/viscose solid dark blue yarn - each 150g pack cost £1.99 - plus a couple of packs of the variegated cotton, which cost £3.99 per pack of 300g. Bargain!
I was very restrained as there were loads of different colours of both sorts.
I see a dark blue lacy bolero and a variegated cotton top in my near future..

I've finally got round to posting a pic of the Patons Reef yarn which I treated myself to on my first visit to Truro Fabrics, my LYS.

It's a beautiful yarn, very similar to Colinette Giotto - and again I'm hoping to make another bolero.
I'm fairly keen on them as I got so much wear from my Lacewing Bolero last summer, and often wished that I also had a long-sleeved version. Hopefully soon I will!

Now for the FOs..

Here's my
Calorimetry in all her glory. I don't think headwear does much for me, but this item is warm and fits well, and I love the colours.

I've worn it already on Mother's Day afternoon when we visited
Padstow and stood outside (very cold) eating delicious luxury Cornish ice cream made at Callestick Farm near us.

The yarn was part of a gift from my good friend
Fiona, and there's still plenty of it left.

Next up, a proper pic of "Fortune" - although I'm not quite sure was I was doing with my hands.. This is already becoming a mainstay of my wardrobe.

And finally, the Lacanau beach sandals knitted in 2 shades of Rowan Summer Tweed.

I still haven't found anywhere to buy readymade soles, so I'm watching ebay to see if I can get some leather offcuts to use.

I guess they won't really be a FO until the soles are on, but never mind.


Mandella said...

I think Lidl have tapped the inner recesses of my mind. A few weeks ago it was motorcycle clothing, now yarn. I hope you had a great time at Padstow. We ate at Rick Stein's cafe last year and the meal was fab. Finally, I think calorimetry looks really elegant on you - kind of a 50s filmstar look.

Annette said...

Lovely to hear how well things are going for you, exept for the cold of course!
I'm getting very tempted by Lidl, but am still on my yarn diet. Think I may fall off the wagon at the NEC show at the end of the month.

Caroline M said...

Getknitted.com have heels and toes for knitted footwear - I don't know if they'd be any good but at least they'd stop the sliding.