Thursday, 18 March 2010

It must be Spring!

The postie brought a lovely package today from Titchables - amazingly fast as I only bought these yesterday!

I would recommend you take a look at the listings in Titchables shop - there are some lovely supplies and cute badges, all at very reasonable prices.

I indulged in some impulse buying and gave in to these gorgeous bright felt squares and buttons. 

They are inspiring me to do some litte fun projects with my daughters for spring - hairband decorations, badges, charms, and such.

I can't wait to show these to my girls when they get back from school - I know they'll be as excited by those colours as I am!


Alison said...

Ooooh, shiny!! Those are seriously inspirational. SERIOUSLY. And I'm not normally a buttons-and-felt person. That is, I don't normally work with them; a friend of mine does, and I'm usually an eager recipient of said projects, but these are inspirational anyway! :D

Sarah said...

Love the picture! I'm really glad you like them! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Erika Price said...

What gorgeous bright colours - perfect for inspiring a creative spring morning!

Beth said...

So lovely! I can see why you couldn't pass 'em up :D