Sunday, 15 January 2006

I'm rain dancing!

New Year = new type of project i.e. that Rain Dance Shawl. I've never attempted a half-circle shawl before, or any shape of lacy type shawl really. Well now's as good a time as any!
Here's the progress so far.

I'm up to row 64 with 130 stitches on the needles. I've used straights so far, but I'm going to switch to an Addi circular which I've just ordered from
this ebay seller. The straights are too heavy as they are so long, and they're making my shoulders ache, as I discovered last night.

The pattern does have a couple of.. erm.. idiosyncracies. The stitch count after row 39 should be 122 (31,30,30,31 in each panel) not 82. Not a big problem, and pretty obvious when you get there.

The second "feature" is that the first chart is not consistent with the others. Which has led to the couple of raindrops highlighted being out of sequence.

The first chart does both the shaping and eyelet pattern on the odd rows. All the subsequent charts do just the shaping on the odd rows, and the eyelet pattern switches to the even rows.

This isn't pointed out anywhere, but it means that you need to read the pattern rows from right to left on the first chart and then left to right thereafter.

I can live with it. :-)

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