Saturday, 28 January 2006

What does it all mean?

The latest issue of Sandra knitting magazine arrived today.

It's got some nice designs, although most of the ones I like are only in small sizes. I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription because of this, but it's still good for inspiration.

This caught my eye with one design I like - obviously the last symbol on this chart was too complicated for the Sandra design team to work out! Click on the pic to see for yourself. ;-)

My projects have been progressing slowly this week. I worked on the Broadstreet Mittens at today's Knit Chat, only to find when I got home that I needed to undo most of the progress I'd made. I was working on the shell (the thingy that pops over your fingertips to keep them warm) , but realised that I'd only done 4 of the 17 straight rows before shaping the top. No wonder it was turning out very short!

The Rain Dance Shawl is now up to 258 stitches across, and looks rather like a huge blob of colour on my Addi circular neeedle. It rather reminds me of endurance knitting atm!


Sharon J said...

LOL @ Sandra. I bet there are some red faces in their offices at the moment!

Can I ask where you found the pattern for the Broadstreet Mittens? My daughter has hinted that she'd like a pair so I'm looking for a pattern that I'm happy with.


littlelixie said...

I have been really disappointed with sandra recently so have let my subscription lapse. They were normally quite good with sizes though. They must be very embarrised about the typo!

Daisy said...

Is it me being daft or do the Sandra patterns not have any gauge info with them?! Have just picked up my first copy to have a look at...

KnitYoga said...

I used to buy Sandra regularly because I liked a lot of the patterns. I've never made anything from Sandra yet though and I always thought the way the patterns were worded looked a bit complicated and long winded.