Monday, 24 April 2006

Holiday aftermath

We’re back home. Yippee! We had a good break in lovely Wales, but I always love coming back to the comfort of our home. No pics – hopefully DH is going to buy me a good compact digital camera for my birthday this year so I’ll be able to snap away to my heart’s content when we’re away from home.

The weather on holiday was about 70% pants, but we made the most of the sunshine and went to the beach a couple of times. The kids had a thoroughly great time, mainly due to the facilities on the
holiday park like the “Learn 2 Swim” lessons every lunchtime and a disco every evening.

I feel like we had a break as the girls were up late every night, which meant that they actually slept until around 8:30am every morning – utter bliss! I really felt quite energetic by the weekend – not usually how I would describe myself.

On the knitting front, I maintained the yarn diet with very little effort. I only actually saw one place selling yarn (in the Pound Shop of all places!), and that was nothing amazing.

I did manage to finish the
Jaywalkers though. They’re fab, and fit beautifully. I adore the colours in the Opal Rainforest Flamingo yarn, and love how they’ve turned out with this chevron pattern.

That’s my first ever pair of socks completed!

I also started (several times) a very easy project. It’s a large rectangular wrap based on
design B here for the Sirdar Firefly yarn. I’m using the taupe Fantasie ladder yarn I bought from ebay last June.
This is hopefully going to be a gift for a relative’s birthday – if I manage to finish it in time, which is why I’ve had to start it now. Actually I’d rather be working on my Fortune cardigan, but I’ll have to be patient.

It’s certainly not TV knitting though – you have to keep an eye on where those needles are sitting in the ladders. Better go and do some now.


Emma said...

Great socks! Very impressive for your first pair.

Julie said...

The Jaywalkers look terrific!

sharon said...

They're perfect!

I wasn't sure about the rainforest yarn, but it looks great with the Jaywalker pattern. Well done!

Dee said...

Love the socks - they look very exotic!