Thursday, 13 April 2006

Lent-along completed

Firstly thanks everyone for your kind words about the non-smoking - I can hardly believe it's been over 2 months now!

For those of you who asked about the Jaywalker yarn I'm using - it's Opal Rainforest Flamingo. I'm working on the heel gusset of the second sock, so hopefully I'll have my first ever pair of handknitted socks real soon!

As for the yarn storage, thanks again for your suggestions. Hopefully the cashflow situation is due to improve soon, so I will actually be able to purchase something more suitable in which to hoard my sizeable stash.

Finally for tonight, we have my last contender for the
Lent-along - my version of Mrs Beeton wristwarmers:

The modelled photo - to show that they are really finished, ends darned in, etc!

Also the "reclining alone" photo to illustrate the delicate picot edge cast-off.

I love these. I used Cashsoft DK and Kidsilk Haze together with beads from Rowan and Hobbycraft. The wristwarmers feel luxuriously soft and warm, and everyone who sees them coos over them. The beads really add that finishing touch. Yet another great free pattern from Knitty!

I was inspired to finish the wristwarmers by our imminent holiday to New Quay in Wales next week. I love Wales, but I don't trust the weather, especially at this time of year. At least now I can have wrists wrapped in luxury, even if the rest of me is damp and shivering.


Julie said...

Oooh, the Mrs Beetons are fabulous! It is another great pattern from Knitty - but have they disappeared off the face of the earth or what? Time for a new issue! :)

Have fun in Wales!

Daisy said...

Love the Mrs Beetons! Have a fab time in Wales.

kimberly said...

Your Mrs B look fabulous!! I love those colors together. Good job. Have a fun time!

Dee said...

They are just beautiful! I wanted to make them myself, but I have a KSH phobia...... Have fun in Wales!