Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Taking stock

My eldest daughter has achieved her first swimming award – her 10m badge and certificate. She’s understandably very excited about it. Well done Connie!

You’ve no doubt noticed the new counter above; since adding my “no smoking” counter at the end of my blog I found that it’s a great source of encouragement. Hence the new one.

So why do I need encouraging NOT to buy yarn? Well I think this lot is pretty convincing:

1) I have no money in the yarn pot. Not even any loose change. Just some dust and an old paper clip. (Where do they come from?)

2) My knitting spreadsheet (sad aren't I?) informs me that I already have the required yarn for no less than 27 projects. Everything ranging from sweaters to socks; of which 26 projects are for me. Obviously I have other yarn too, it’s just not allocated to a project yet. A lot of it probably never will be.

3) It would be nice to actually make some of these planned items. Heck, I might even like them enough to wear them, which would be useful. Then when I’ve used up lots of stash I can buy lots of the latest yarns with a clear conscience.

4) We’re in the process of spring-cleaning-leading-to-doing-up-the-house and I’ve decided that I need new storage for my yarn. Maybe something that shrinks it to half it’s size so that I can squeeze it in somewhere inconspicuous. (I’d love to have it all on display but we don’t have the space. Who has?)

See what I mean? So, a yarn diet it is. How long do you reckon I’ll last? ;-)

BTW, if you have any comments about the best/worst type of yarn storage, I'd love to hear them. Is it ok to store yarn in those vacuum-shrink bags? Or in PVC ones? Or should it be in something more breathable like a canvas storage unit? I need ones that will fit under our bed - come on, shout up knitters!


Kathy said...

Wow. A yarn diet and you stoppped smoking? That's impressive!

What yarn are you using with the pink sock? It's gorgeous!

janine said...

Congrats on stopping smoking! Love the jaywalker - is that opal ladybird? It's pretty what ever it is :-)

Wye Sue said...

I've found www.dunelm-mill.com
do some really good vacuum bags, small pillow size ones are £1.50 each. Larger ones difficult to store and as they hold lots of balls, it's a bit of a nightmare to unvac and revac each time you want something....
WHSmiths have Really useful boxes on offer at moment, 3 for 2, one of the best storage boxes I've found - going to trty and fill some this afternoon ;-)

Julie said...

Is it two months already since you quit smoking? Rock on, Steph!

My yarn might possibly be in charming little piles all over the house, and maybe there is some secretly stashed in the back of my closet as well. Ahem. So I won't be giving storage advice, but I look forward to other knitters' suggestions! :)