Friday, 28 April 2006

Snap happy

Ah - sunshine! How I love it. The girls played with the bubbles in the garden yesterday afternoon while I wandered around with the camera.

I really like this pic as the camera has focused on the nearest bubble with the sunlight glinting off it and my youngest looking very happy about it all. She adores bubbles.

I moved on to the flowers and wanted to share these two pics with you.

First a couple of tulips doing very well - and not yet been eaten by our resident grey squirrels as in previous years..

Also my favourite spring flower in our garden - the snakeshead fritillary. Just beautiful.

Yes, I've been knitting too. The ladder wrap is coming along quite quickly thanks to that birthday deadline. Nothing like a bit of pressure to keep you motivated.


Annette said...

Beautiful flowers, and isn't it wonderful to see the sunshine? Hope it lasts through the bank holiday.

Julie said...

Beautiful pics! I love that snakehead flower - I've never seen one here, so I have to go follow your link and see if I can get those here in the States. :)