Thursday, 21 September 2006

Happy gifted FOs

Two recent FOs to report on this evening:

The first was a secret project as a gift for Fi's new arrival Seth. The new owner now has them in his possessions, so I can reveal them without giving the game away. Glad they fit him Fi - and thanks for being so co-operative and producing a boy for the blue bootees. ;-)

I made them using some
RYC Cashsoft yarn I had in my stash, so they're deliciously soft and machine washable too. The pattern I used was the cover design on this book, which I grabbed as soon as it arrived as new stock at my local library.

I didn't send the teaspoon - that's just for a size comparison!

The second FO is the Rainbow Poncho for my youngest DD, to replace her stolen one.

She loves it, and has worn it many times already - thankfully!


Mandella said...

Gorgeous, cute booties. And I really admire you for knitting a second poncho. Have a worthy Mum medal!

littlelixie said...

Love the booties!

I have started a Zine (magazine - but you have to keep in with the yoof lingo thing). Email me your postal address to or leave it as a comment on my blog (cue spam snail mail by the bucket!) and I will send one to you. xx

julie said...

Those booties are so sweet! I've crocheted three or four pairs of baby booties and never liked the way they looked...must look for that pattern! Cute poncho, too, DD must be thrilled to bits. :)

trish said...

VERY nice! Love the blog. Beautiful poncho.