Friday, 1 September 2006

I have a new sweater!

Yes, Phoenix is finished. Just in time for autumn – although most of August has already felt like autumn this year.

These pics were kindly taken by my 7yo daughter. That flash sure highlights the underwear! Phoenix has a crocheted front, knitted sleeves and back, and crochet edging all around.

The crochet edging shows up nicely along the back hem and sleeves.

I used 450g of Rowan Summer Tweed, and designed the pattern using my Knitware Sweaters program. It's based on an old shop-bought favourite that I wore until it literally droppped apart.

I'm quite looking forward to some weather cool enough to need to wear it now!

And so to fill the hole in the stash, here is today's parcel - my first ever Noro stash. I bought it from this ebay seller and got super-fast shipping and a great price. The project for the yarn is secret atm though!


julie said...

Phoenix looks fantastic! And hope you don't mind, I am droooooling over all that Noro Kureyon. :)

Seahorse said...

Phoenix looks super! I'm very impressed that it's your own design!

Sue said...

Pheonix is gorgeous! Beautiful colour too.

Mandella said...

Congratulations on designing and making such a great wearable sweater.