Thursday, 28 September 2006

One done, two more started

I had a need for a quick fix project at the weekend, and found the perfect solution.
I printed the free
Interweave pattern for Molly’s Headband and used 18g of a 50g ball of RYC Cashsoft DK which I bought label-less for 50p from a bargain bin!The whole thing took 2 hours from start to finish, and it was an enjoyable little pattern. Great for quick gifts!

This pattern has been calling me for ages, and last week I suddenly realised that all my long-sleeved cardigans are pink! Time to remedy this.

I think (fingers crossed) that I should have enough Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn in my stash for this. OK so it’s not a huge shift in colour, but it’s a start.

This pattern is interesting too – it’s another top-down seamless garment, there’s no gauge given and the instructions are for a “knit to fit” style which is really flexible and easy-going so far. I’ve just ordered some more Addi circulars as the pattern calls for 4 increasing needle sizes as you progress down. So far so good!

And - oops - I seem to have started another new project too. Well, I was waiting for the next size Addi needles to arrive, and I just felt like it!

It's the
French Market Bag from Knitty which I making using the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed aran yarn I got in my LYS sale for £1.08 per ball instead of £7.25!

Must go knit a couple more rounds before I have to fetch the girls and their 2 friends from school.


scarletprincess said...

Wow we have been busy ;o) I jus keep starting little things to keep me occupied and move on to something else when I get bored! When I get some time to knit that is... :o)

Mandella said...

What a lovely cardigan pattern. Now are you absolutely sure you've got enough of the Debbie Bliss? Don't I remember you running out on something before, or am I dreaming.

I think you just enjoy living dangerously.

I'm sorry I missed your anniversary. Congratulations to both of you.

metal and knit said...

You are the bargain hunter. What good bargain wools and so well used.