Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

Today is my little niece Sophie's birthday - she's 2 years old!

I won't get to see her but we sent a parcel of goodies including
Sophie's present - a sweet little poncho as requested by her mum.

I first knitted one of these for her sister Sara two years ago - she's still wearing it and apparently the girls were arguing over it, with Sophie deciding that she wants it for herself!

Her mum asked for a pink and green combination so it's different to Sara's but still co-ordinates with the vast quantities of pink clothing that Sophie has.

I used a combination of Sirdar Summer Stripes and Stylecraft Special Twirl DK yarns knitted together for the bosy, with Sirdar New Fizz for the edging and the Summer Stripes yarn for the flowers around the neckline.

Full details can be found in Ravelry, but I'll include the pattern here too:

Use Summer Stripes and Special Twirl yarn together throughout on 7mm needles.
  1. Cast on 3 sts
  2. Inc 1, knit to end
  3. Repeat 2 until 80 sts
  4. Knit 27, cast off 26, knit 27
  5. Knit 27, cast on 26, knit 27
  6. K2tog, knit to end
  7. Repeat 6 until 3sts remain
  8. Cast off
  9. Crochet around neck edge with double yarns
  10. Crochet around outer edge with New Fizz yarn
  11. Crochet flowers with Summer Stripes yarn and sew around neckline
All done!


Jules said...

That is really adorable!

HeadPatternista said...

Very cute! I like the colors you used.

Secret Sheep said...

lovely. pretty colours.