Sunday, 23 January 2005

101 Things about Me!

Well here it is.. it took a while but here we go..

1. I'm a Leo and consequently have Big Hair.
2. I love luxury.
3. I have 2 daughters.
4. I always thought I'd have a daughter and a son.
5. I adored being pregnant.
6. I bite my nails and wish I didn't.
7. I'm allergic to nickel.
8. I prefer organic anything.
9. I adore chocolate.
10. My favourite drink is Jack Daniels and coke, no ice.
11. I also love Tia Maria, again no ice.
12. I dislike food/drink that smells/tastes like perfume e.g. Southern Comfort and Parma Violets.
13. My yarn stash insulates the underside of my bed.
14. I love retail therapy.
15. My favourite yarns are cotton, viscose, rayon, and/or merino blends.
16. I used to hate the colour pink.
17. Now half of my clothing is various shades of pink.
18. I said I'd never have a Xmas baby as their birthday gets "swallowed up" by Xmas.
19. My first daughter was born in mid December.
20. I love variegated yarns.
21. I don't wear solid orange, turquoise, or bright red.
22. Bright red lipstick looks disgusting on me.
23. My favourite fruit is a sweet and juicy clementine.
24. I love the look of beaded knitting.
25. I own a bead stash.
26. I have never got around to knitting with beads myself - yet.
27. My favourite vegetable is broccolli.
28. If I as much as look at mohair I start itching.
29. My hubby is my soulmate.
30. I often forget that.
31. I used to be a rock chick.
32. I love the smell of leather.
33. I now prefer aubergine colours to black.
34. I'm 5 feet 9 inches tall.
35. I hate to be apart from my girls.
36. I don't have any tatoos.
37. My ultimate fear is of falling.
38. I can travel by aeroplane but I'm petrified of going up ladders.
39. I'd rather take the stairs than a lift.
40. I hate the feeling of being out of control.
41. I like to be safe.
42. I believe my youngest daughter used to be my nan.
43. My youngest daughter seems to remember me in a past life as a man.
44. I have a Master of Science degree in Advanced Software Technology.
45. I've never been into playing computer games.
45. My first and best ever job was as a computer wargames programmer.
46. I love steak and vegetable cornish pasties.
47. I was the princess in our primary school play of "George and the Dragon" and remember it to this day.
48. I'm useless at general knowledge quizzes.
49. My favourite online knitting magazine is
50. I hate swimming underwater.
51. I have a bicycle which I don't use as it has the loudest and squeakiest brakes in the world.
52. I learned French, German, and Spanish at school.
53. I adore Italian food.
54. I have always had eczema to varying degrees and can't use regular soap.
55. I have yet to find a brand of soya milk that I actually like the taste of.
56. I love using bamboo needles and Addi Turbo circulars.
57. I cannot knit with dpns.
58. I wish I could.
59. I don't and won't knit socks.
60. I can and regularly do crochet.
61. I don't like brushed yarns.
62. I like eyelash and fancy yarns.
63. I don't knit with any yarn finer than UK 3-ply.
64. I don't like to take risks.
65. My favourite female singer is currently Pink.
66. I enjoy gardening.
67. I don't like weather which is windy and raining at the same time.
68. I own an umbrella in my favourite colours.
69. My favourite Xmas present this year was my pair of dusky pink kitten-heel pointed-toe zip-up leather ankle boots - mmm hmmm.
70. I have been totally inspired by my local knitting group.
71. I love to read knitting blogs which have lots of pictures.
72. My favourite and most easily accessible yarn is currently Rowan.
73. I currently have 9 WIPs.
74. My New Year's Resolution is to have a maximum of 5 WIPs.
75. I don't think I can resist buying more yarn.
76. I would knit all day long if possible.
77. I can't imagine life without the Internet and email.
78. I don't like very strong or very mild cheese.
79. The most enjoyable French project I did at school was about food.
80. I love the taste of fresh cooked salmon.
81. I'd love to take my hubby to Belgium for a weekend.
82. Then I could take him to the chocolate shops.
83. I don't like small fiddly things.
84. I think the worst thing about being a mum is the almost constant sleep interruption.
85. I think the best thing about being a mum is the children.
86. My face was bitten by a family dog when I was 3yo.
87. I don't want any pets in the house unless they're just visiting.
88. When I was 1yo I fell into an empty bath and split my bottom lip open.
89. I honestly thought I might die when I finally gave birth to my first daughter after a long and traumatic labour.
90. At that moment I wasn't scared.
91. Now I'm just not ready.
92. I got stuck in a lift when I was a student.
93. Apart from that time, I loved being a student.
94. I'm quite an emotional person.
95. I'd like to get my stomach a little flatter.
96. I'd love to live in the south-west of England.
97. I'm definately a home bird.
98. I'd love to go to a top hair stylist to have a restyle/makeover.
99. I hate woodchip wallpaper.
100. My house has woodchip wallpaper in almost every room.
101. My family are my life.

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