Monday, 17 January 2005

To frog or not?

I have a dilemma on my hands. I have completed the back and front of the Military Jacket completed, with the shoulders joined using a 3-needle bind-off. Am I a happy bunny? No. Why? Well because:
1) The fronts look longer and looser than the back, although they are exactly the same number of rows. I swapped from using my bamboos to metal needles for this at some point, as the bamboos were too "grabby" with the chenille yarn.
2) I got the second buttonhole up from the bottom of the front positioned incorrectly, i.e. 16 rows too high, which of course has thrown out all the others. And we're talking 200 rows total length here.
3) I realised when joining the shoulders that the pattern is wrong! The back shoulders have 22 stitches each side, whereas the front shoulders both have 18 stitches. I've saved that, and I don't think it should look too bad as I put all the bind-off stitches for the shoulders and back neck onto stitch holders instead of actually binding them off at the time - phew!

So what to do now? Obviously some remedial work is required if the jacket is to be saved. Which means I'd have to undo the 3-needle bind-off on both shoulders. Then I'd either have to frog and rework:
1) the back and re-work it on the metal needles to match the fronts, which would still leave the problem of the odd buttonhole positioning, or
2) the fronts and re-work them on bamboo needles (ouch - that was hard work with this yarn!) with the buttonholes in the correct places, or
3) the back and the one front with the buttonholes and re-work them on the metal needles, or
4) nothing - forget it and find another use for the yarn!

I've put the project aside for the time being due to my indecision. What would you do? Comments may help me - please!

On a happier note, at least Clapotis is benefitting from this crisis. I'm now on the straight rows.

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