Thursday, 6 January 2005

FO alert!

For once in my life I'm actually keeping up with my New Year's resolution - this time it was to reduce my WIPs to 5 or less. Well it's on track as I've finished no less than THREE of them!

First was a quick knit scarf in Sirdar Funky Fur to send to a relative for her birthday - must wrap it tonight! It's very soft and funky, and I hope the recipient will love it.

Then there is the Hearts Baby Blanket using Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Gay colourway. I'm so proud of this as it's my own design and it's turned out really well. It's for a friend who's due to have her baby at the end of this month. I can't wait to see her little one and present the gift!

On a grander scale, I've finally finished my Colinette Fandango cardigan which I started about a year ago! It's been sitting in the seaming pile for months, as I hate doing that - are there any knitters who like seaming?! It's in the Lagoon colourway which should liven up these dull winter days. It was my own design using the Knitware Sweater Design program which is excellent.

As soon as I get the photo upload sorted out I'll add some pics.

Now I wonder if all that seaming justifies me starting my
Clapotis...? I bought some beautiful cotton/rayon mix yarn from Mystical Creation Yarns to make it in. I can thoroughly recommend them for service, choice, quality, and price. Hmm, that means I still have 6 WIPs in the pile, so I guess I have to finish 2 more WIPs first. Ho hum.

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