Friday, 7 January 2005

Lessons in Life

I think I struck lucky. This New Years resolution of mine is teaching me a few things about long-term UFOs which I didn't learn first time round, such as:
1) They will likely not fit when you finish them
2) You will probably not like them when you finish them
3) You will therefore not want them when you finish them
4) This would explain why I was mysteriously knitting things for myself and then always giving them away afterwards. Doh.
5) Having less WIPs means I can see more of our lovely carpet in the lounge ;-)

Last night DH came back in from a night out and I told him I hadn't knitted a stitch all night. He was shocked of course and wanted to know what I had been doing. Seaming - haha, that's still using yarn he says. Yes but I don't like doing it. Oh and unpicking a top to convert into a
Shapely Tee. No, you've been ripping says clever hub. I guess he does listen to my knitting rants sometimes.. ;-)

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