Sunday, 17 April 2005

Ang - what's that?

Well it's just over half an Angel. As in:

Half an Angel = Ang!

Ok, sorry, but I have been feeling poorly for a while now. It has to affect the brain. Anyway here's the final slog of double rib - the second sleeve:

The final K2 P2 slog

It's actually about half done now, then just the seaming, lace edging, more seaming, front border, and buttons to go. I'll decide on buttons when I get to that point.

I do still love this cardi as it's so soft in the Rowan Wool Cotton, and I'm sure my eldest daughter will get loads of wear from it as the sleeves are slightly too long for her a.t.m. - intentionally! With that amount of double rib I really don't feel inclined to knit another one right now, although it would make a great school cardi done in navy blue.


dawn said...

It's looking really good - and your last post has reminded me to go and look at my vogue! You're so right, too many things to knit and not enough time!

Tracy said...

Children grow like weeds so always better to go bigger!

TheWriteMessage said...

I'm almost through with the Angel sweater (Rowan) in the Pipsqueak's book that is out of print. I have LOST THE PATTERN. HELP...any chance you could scan and email it to me?