Friday, 29 April 2005

Crochet time

I have a new nephew on the way - due in August, so of course I have to dedicate a new project as an arrival gift. New project demands new stash! So I ebayed, and here it is:

New stash!

It's a boucle 4-ply yarn in a mix of wool, acrylic, and silk - machine washable of course due to the project it's intended for, which is a crochet diagonal baby blanket which I started as soon as I ripped open the yarn parcel this morning:

New project!

Ok so we're not talking traditional baby blanket colours here - it's a denimy blue sand mix. But you see my brother (the new dad-to-be) is a bike-mad motocrosser, so the family all go to the motocross meetings to watch him race almost every Sunday. Do white/pastel baby blankets and motocross meetings mix well? I think not. Hence the chosen colourway. See, there is method in my madness after all. ;-)

Meanwhile progress on the edging for Angel is slow:

Slow progress

I can only bear to work 2 repeats of the pattern at any one sitting, so this may take a while.

Anyway I've been busy knitting squares to practise seaming methods on during tomorrow's finishing course:

Curly squares

I guess I really should block them - ho hum. Like I feel like getting the iron out again at 10:15pm.. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ;-)


Tracy said...

Excellent colour choice. Have fun on the finishing course.

c-mama said...

I love the blue boucle you chose for your nephew's blanket. It look so soft!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.