Thursday, 7 April 2005

Ok, now we're knitting

Knitting time at last! Phew. We have progress on Angel; first the back and left front finished and joined with a 3-needle cast-off:


I love doing shoulders this way as it looks so neat and removes the need for using a sewing needle. ;-)

Then I decided to follow the example of other knitting bloggers who have got sick of being banished to Sleeve Island towards the end of a project: instead of starting the right front, I started a sleeve:

Love that frill!

See the cute frill at the cuff?! It's done first and is lovely to decrease from 177 stitches to just 44 over 3 rows!

The plan is to sew the sleeve in as soon as it's finished, so there's minimal sewing to do at the end of the knitting. That way I might even get it finished this month - fingers crossed.

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