Sunday, 24 April 2005

A Golden Ticket

I bought it at last! My ticket to my first 1-day knitting course! :-) It's a finishing course next Saturday (30th April) run by the talented Jane Crowfoot, author of this wonderful book which is of course in my knitting library. Should be an interesting day; I'll let you know!

I'm on the home run for Angel - the edging for the bottom hem of the body. It says to do as many repeats as required to fit around. Hmm. The body is entirely knitted of double rib, so how many repeats is that? Maybe Jane will help me out..

How many repeats?!

As I have to concentrate so hard on the edging pattern, I started something else to do in a more "look no hands" mode (I wish). It's this:


It's the drop-stitch lacy scarf from the latest Spring/Summer 2005 Vogue Knitting. Yes, I'm actually knitting one of the patterns! Unheard of for me! AND (brag, brag) I'm using stash yarn. Is the brilliance of my halo blinding you yet?! No? It will; after buying that ticket I'm really broke now. Good job the price includes lunch. ;-)


Tracy said...

Pass me sunglasses somebody, the glow from the halo has hit the South coast.

Ali said...

Wow - really love your lacy scarf which looks great with the wool your using! Hope you enjoy your course. I look forward to hearing how you get on!