Friday, 4 March 2005

Doin' the knittin' groove

Hey another FO or two! First I finished the Red tank for my 6yo daughter. I think she likes it as she wants to wear it all the time! Here she is doin' the groove in it:

Groovy Red Tank
Doesn't she look cute with her gappy grin?! The tooth fairy visited us last week. ;-)

Plus I also finished the Bias Knit Scarf using the Stylecraft Eskimo and Sirdar Fresco yarn - less than 1 ball of each. I'm pleased with this now, after all the false and different starts it had. That's the Mother's Day gift knitting finished.

Bias Knit Scarf

Lucy is coming along nicely; I'm almost at the shoulder shaping for the back, so I'll post a picture of that once the back's done.


Tracy said...

She looks gorgeous in it! Ask her to say supersonic sausages! My kids used to love doing that when they lost their teeth. They had no control over their tongues whatsoever.

Sandra said...

Your blog is great and I enjoy reading it. Many compliments from Croatia. Your Lucy is very inspiring. Happy knitting!