Friday, 18 March 2005


Last night was pretty productive in the FO department. I got myself into the right frame of mind, got my sewing box out, and finally finished no less than THREE projects!

Firstly is a moebius cowl necklace type thingimajig. What one earth are these supposed to be called? It's worn around the neck like a necklace but helps to keep you warm too. I love 'em! This one in particular is wonderful (IMHO) as it's my first FO using ladder yarn. This is Lanarte Rio which my fab LYS has started to stock. It cost me £5 for a ball, but it's made this one with plenty to spare for another - which is on the needles as we speak.. erm I mean type.. ;-)

This one is in stocking stitch, so rolls up beautifully into a delicate little decorative item. The one on the needles I'm doing in garter stitch; we'll see the difference soon enough.

What are these called??

Next is another thingamijig, this time in a fancy boucle lurex yarn of many colours which I bought on ebay a while back. I used a lacy stitch for this one - I think I've seen it referred to as purse stitch. It's very simple - K1, * YO, P2tog, repeat from * to last stitch, K1 - over any even number of stitches. That's it - every row the same. It flies along.

And another!

I also did a matching skinny scarf in the same yarn, with fringes - which were incredibly quick to do as there were only 12 strands of fringe for each end through 6 loops of the pattern. The yarn has a tendency to unravel as it's a few different types plied together very loosely, so they work great as a fringe.

Matching skinny scarf

And finally - more yarn! I've wanted to knit Angel from the Pipsqueaks book for my eldest daughter for a while now, and seeing how well her dark hair goes with red I wanted to use that. I've been searching ebay for a while for the required Rowan Wool Cotton and finally found it a couple of weeks ago at a price that's acceptable if this only fits her for 12 months (which is very likely).

At last!

I guess I'd better make that before Gemma, or she'll be in the next size again.. ;-)


dawn said...

Best start your daughter's cardigan now before you are too tempted for Gemma!


me myself and i said...

Thanks for joining the "Say No To The Poncho!!" webring!!! We are happy to have you! Your knitting is beautiful!!!
Remember dislike the poncho not the wearer!!!