Friday, 25 March 2005


First the Ooooh:
Yesterday I took my youngest daughter to town to buy her some summer sandals and found that there was a French Market being held there for 3 days! We had a quick look round, then went back this morning. I bought no less than 6 different cheeses (well we have 2 family parties coming up in the next 4 days!), a bottle of "pear cider" (isn't that what we call perry?), and a dried spicy chorizo sausage. Not cheap, but well worth it. I have to say that there is very little left of the cider and sausage. ;-)

Then the Aaarrrggghhh:
Did I say I was getting along nicely with
Angel from Pipsqueaks? Well I was... until I realised that I'd cast on for the size 4-5yrs and increased up to the size 6-7 years. Fine just unpick a little, you may think. Trouble is, I want the 6-7years size. So the whole lot is now wound back onto the ball, and awaiting re-starting.

It's my own fault for not bothering to photocopy the pattern to start with. I usually do that and then highlight all the required figures for the size I want to knit up, before I start. I hate to mess up any knitting books. :-) Guess what I did last night? Yep, got that photocopy sorted out.

I would have re-started the knitting tonight, but we've been drinking Jack Daniels and coke (my fave drink), eating Pringles and the chorizo sausage, & playing polka all night with friends. ;-) Well a girl has to have a rest from knitting now and again - or so my DH tells me! I think I may need to go and lie down for a while now.. ;-)


Secret Pal said...

Ooohhh... JD & coke... after a girl's heart, you are! ;-)

Drink plenty of water and catch some zzzzs-- and have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Wow....I cant remember the last time I drank a Jack Daniels and Coke. Have fun! Happy Easter too!