Thursday, 17 March 2005


I love this time of year. All the flowers bursting into colour, the temperatures getting milder, & sunny breezy days drying the washing on the line outside instead of draped around the house. That makes me happy. See, I'm a simple gal! :-) This is my view from my kitchen window this morning:

Spring has sprung!

And another thing that makes me happy - knitting! This week has shot past faster than an express train, but I finally grabbed a free couple of hours last night for Lucy. She was in pieces you see, and had been for several days. I'd seamed the shoulders using backstitch but was not at all happy with the messy result. So last night I unpicked it and followed this method - called knit stitch here but is this aka mattress stitch?

Lucy's shoulder seam & neckline

Whatever the name of the method, I'm very happy with the result. This is the first time I've tried it for shoulder seams, and I'll be doing it again. It was very quick and easy. Then I galloped along with the garter stitch neckline, which has given Lucy a more defined shape. Now on to the real seaming!

Of course a girl can't live on one project alone. Not this one anyway. So here's my version of the Booga Bag romping along in it's very chunky unbranded variegated unplied wool:

Boogying along

She's looking delicious, but is knitting tight on 7mm needles (when I say chunky, I mean chunky!) so I don't think she'll need much felting. That's fine with me.

And of course as knitting is so relaxing, my mind wanders onto... what else would I like to make?! Well of course Gemma is screaming out my name as I already have more than enough of the 4-ply cotton for her.

The Happy Couple

One quick ebay purchase later, she's now accompanied by her perfect partner - 6 balls of Rowan Calmer in the discontinued shade "Zeal". Perfect. Better get this seaming done. ;-)


Tracy said...

This is getting too much...I priced up Gemma yesterday having been drawn to it when I first opened up my Rowan mag. I told myself to wait but look you're showing me what you've got. I am feeling more and more weak willed as the seconds tick by.

dawn said...

Thanks for referring me to your blog for Lucy.

Mary at
is currently knitting Gemma at the moment, think she's done a sleeve and is now on the heavily patterned bit.


Mary said...

Lucy is looking great. I like the colours you've chosen for Gemma - very spring like! A word of warning - I'm not finding her a very quick knit. The decrease row in 4 ply cotton takes me as long as the other 5 rows in the pattern repeat put together! However, I do love the way the pattern is turning out. I would recommend doing the sleeves first then at least you have an incentive to get the body done.