Thursday, 24 February 2005

Cozy on up for a good read

It's snowing. See?

Big Snow?!

Ok, so it's not much, but by local standards it's a big deal. By this afternoon it had all pretty much thawed, so no snowman-building for my eldest daughter after school.

Despite the thawing conditions, there was still a biting wind, so best to snuggle up indoors (when not walking backwards and forwards between home and school to take/collect my daughters!). And what could be a better read than my latest copy of the
Texere Yarns catalogue which arrived yesterday?!

One Texere catalogue in need of much perusal

There are some very tempting yarns in there, not least the many pages of yarns available to dye yourself and the dye kits to do it with. This I will have to do at some point (when my bank balance looks a little healthier I think) due to my absolute love of variegated yarns.

And then of course there's the knitting to do.

The second Mother's Day gift

Ok, so it's another new WIP. So what?! It's Mother's Day on 6th March, and I'm feeling inspired. Actually I much prefer the look of this yarn (Sirdar Fresco) on the ball to actually knitted up, but hopefully it'll look presentable (forgive the pun!) once it's finished. I'm using it to make up a
Bowtie Scarf.

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