Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Sshh.. more WIPs..

I'm still waiting for Rowan mag 37 to arrive so I can start on the yummy Lucy cardigan in my raspberry-colour Cotton Tape, so I don't really want to start anything big in the meantime. So..

Zig Zag Panel

This started life as a swatch using Rowan 4-ply Soft in a yummy lavender colour, but I love it so much I've just carried on! I'm hoping it may become a skinny scarf or even a belt-type affair.

Back of my daughter's red tank done.. front in progress..

I also needed a no-thinker project that I could happily knit away at whilst chattering at my local knitting group. Hence this red tank for my oldest daughter (age 6yo) using some boucle red stash yarn. That's the back done, and the front is on the needles.

We have snowdrops!

I guess the garden has some WIPs too! We actually have a few snowdrops now - yes! Love 'em. :-)

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