Sunday, 27 February 2005

Of Scarves and Muffins

Looks like I'm definately in scarf knitting mode. I don't know why I've taken to them this winter; I've never really bothered before. Whatever; I love 'em at the moment!

I visited my closest LYS ("La Tienda") a couple of days ago, and was stunned and amazed to find that they now stock Lanarte ladder yarn! I purchased a ball immediately of course, and here is the progress so far:

Yummy blue ladder yarn - from my LYS!

I'll be visiting again to buy some more of this yarn as they make it in a gorgeous colourway which includes aubergine - that's a must for me. ;-) I decided that this blue one would be great for my own mum for Mother's Day (1 week today) as a moebius collar-necklace-scarf-thingy. Is there a proper name for those creations? Any ideas anyone?

It's a bit fiddly to knit with as you have to get both sides of the ladder in each stitch, but I'm quite enjoying it. It went along well whilst watching the James Bond film "Die Another Day" on TV the other night anyway. ;-)

Alternative use for Fresco yarn - that's better!

Ah.. that Sirdar Fresco yarn. I knitted it up into about two-thirds of the Bowtie Scarf (mentioned previously) and really wasn't happy with the look of it. So I purchased a ball of ivory Stylecraft Eskimo yarn to knit with it, and tried again. Still a no go for me. Better, but not quite there. So I tinked again, and had one last attempt, this time using a Bias Scarf pattern. Now that I like!

My little darlings

Who are those two you ask? Well they're my little darlings of course. Just after devouring two each of the delicious huge muffins they helped me bake this afternoon. Wow - these things are gorgeous! I used
this Banana Muffin recipe but also added one tablespoon of cocoa powder, half a block of chopped cooking chocolate, and a handful of chopped glace cherries. Those muffins will not last the night in this house. ;-)


Tracy said...

Yep, that will help my diet no end!

Ka' Knits said...

MMMmMMM....muffins.....i cannot remember when I made them. Was on this low carb thing for a while. But not anymore. I could go for a muffin right now. I love the scarves too! Where I live it is still wintry and probaply can still use them!