Saturday, 19 February 2005

On Cloud Nine

A very chilly day full of coughs and colds and a smidge of snow has turned into Seventh Heaven. I collected my copy of Rowan magazine 37 this afternoon, and started swatching for Lucy straight away. Guess what - I got gauge first time! Yippee! So she's now officially started. I would have taken a picture of the swatch, but I was too impatient to get started on her for real. The yarn is gorgeous - Rowan Cotton Tape in (now discontinued) shade "Enchant" - very soft, smooth, and easy to work with. The stitch pattern is easy to pick up, and on 8mm needles she's fairly steaming along. if I can put her down for long enough tomorrow, I'll get some pics to show here. I have a feeling tonight will be a late one.. ;-)

I also sorted out my huge stash of knitting needles; many of these were donated over the years by relatives etc, and included many odd ones and sets too small for the kind of projects I usually undertake. So I got them all out today (an impressive pile!) and my 2 young daughters thoroughly enjoyed helping me with the sorting and matching. The result - a needle bag that I can actually carry easily, a pile of odd and bent needles in the bin, and a pile of good sets to be passed on to those who will use them - probably via ebay. There's nothing like a good spring clean, even if there is snow falling at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

I did excatly as you have done and got rid of all my excess needles. Now my daughter has started knitting and keeps borrowing my needles and not returning them. Keep them for your daughters for when they are older.