Wednesday, 16 February 2005

VK is here!

At last! Vogue Knitting Spring 2005 is here

Yippee! My local newsagent came up trumps again! On first inspection I wan't too sure if there were that many projects in this edition for me, but having looked through again there's this:

Love the colour sequence

Love that colour graduation, and the centre cable. Then there's this:

Could be a useful addition..

.. which I do like but I'd have to make it a little longer for me. And there's also this:

Slinky and sexy.. Love it!

I have a (bought) chenille sweater in exactly this colour, but it's nowhere near as slinky and well-fitting as this. I'll have to check out the yarn requirements for this one.. ;-)

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alltangledup said...

I also love that Shirley Paden design... but I'm thinking that the yarn os too heavy for a spring cardigan. I'm still more keen to do the the Jaeger sweater.