Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Here we go again..

Oh no.. new spring/summer magazines & yarns appearing.. more temptation.. how much can a girl stand???!

I really like these:

How's that for starters?! I was going to focus on getting rid of that WIP pile and some of my stash but now that's all gone out of the window. Oh well. Life's too short to worry about these things. ;-)

I do have significant progress to report on both Clapotis and Astroturf (What?! It's the Multi Cardi reported on earlier this month, renamed by the Knowledgable Rose).. More of that later..


Tracy said...

Yep , I'll have all those and Daisy. Me thinks I am going to have my credit cards for a very long time to get over this little episode!

alltangledup said...

I love Rosita too. It was previously published under the name Ogee (for the lace stitch) and seeing it again... means I will now HAVE to knit it