Thursday, 5 May 2005

Did I mention a wrap?

Oh yes, I think I did. Ok so I'm a fickle person, easily distracted. But can you claim to being a One Project kinda knitter? I'm sure not. So here's my new love:

It's shrunk!

It's shrunk because last night I'd done 8 repeats long by 4 repeats wide of the Ridged Feather Stitch pattern for this wrap. Then I decided it wasn't wide enough, so I ripped it all out today and cast on for 5 repeats wide. The yarn is a yummy variegated Filatura Di Crosa mohair (from ebay of course) and you'll see the colours next time I'm sure as I can't put it down a.t.m.!

Meanwhile the crochet diagonal baby blanket is growing:

It's growing!

And looking rather organic I think:

Back to nature

Remember the lacy scarf from the latest Vogue Knitting mag that I was working on? Well it's finished but I rather fancy an edging in a little left-over white furry Eskimo yarn:

To edge or not?

Here's a close-up cuz I love it:

Surf's Up!

Definately surf-inspired.

Oh b.t.w., I made another yarn purchase yesterday, which I'll say no more about until it arrives apart from the fact that it's from the newly-found online shop of The Yarn Gallery. Check out the spiral scarf pins in the Jewellery section!

Judging from those photos, my projects seem to have taken on a blue tint recently. Maybe I'm all pinked out! Right, back to the knitting. :-)


Karen said...

I love all the blue WIP. I especially love the lacy scarf...I would like to try my hand at that next. The weather here in the states is cool and damp. I know this because I have been outside almost everyday watching my daughter play Varsity softball. Pray for warmer weather! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Tracy said...

You are leading me astray you know!