Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Money, money, money

Have you seen the knitwear at Peruvian Connection? Stunning garments but a little out of my price range, even in the sale. I keep checking though, just in case. ;-)

A little more suited to my bank balance is Secret Pal 5 which I've just signed up for. I really enjoyed Secret Pal 4, and loved the gifts I received, so the next one was kinda obligatory for me. Why not join in for some surprise stash-enhancing fun?

Just found out about this - National Knitting Week 10th - 16th October 2005. Spread the word!


Filomena said...


Please excuse the dumb question, but where did you sign up for SP5?

I've been searching high and low...

thanks ;o)

Filomena said...

ok, I knew it was dumb, just didn't realise how much until I had just pubkished my comment.

I have now seen you had linked to it (duh me).

Somehow every time I googled it that blog didn't show up :P

thanks anyway, off to signup ;o)