Saturday, 28 May 2005

Take me to the beach

I did get my Beach Tank finished last night, and wore it today. :-) Here's a pic taken by my eldest daughter; excuse the hair - it was a very windy day!


I must fight the urge to start something else, and finish some of the other projects on the needles first. I must.. ;-)


Emily said...

Your finished beach tank looks really nice! I especially like the eyelets down the centre, i think they add that certain something!

dawn said...

Your top looks great, love the boob covers! I say start something new!


Tracy said...

Fantastic, you don't notice the boob covers on, or is it that I'm trying not to stare!!!!

Ali said...

I love the colours of your tank Steph. Lets hope there's lots of nice weather this summer for you to enjoy wearing it (unlike last year!!).