Friday, 13 May 2005

Friday the 13th

What a day. Notorious. I saw a single magpie on no less than FIVE occasions today; you know how it goes "One for sorrow..". Well nothing bad actually happened, but I've been feeling really pi**ed off from the moment I woke up and still do now. I'm not even particularly motivated to knit or crochet. Sheesh. I hope this doesn't last.

I did manage to buy the yarn from
ebay for my youngest daughter's requested crochet poncho, in her requested colours - rainbow and blue. I'll post a pic when the yarn arrives.

Also my eldest daughter asked me to knit her a pair of shorts. Yes, you read it right. She wants knitted shorts - in red, to match her tank that I finished recently. I can create a pattern for her using my copy of the
Knitware Basics program, but first I really should make the dress that my youngest daughter asked for a few weeks ago - multicoloured again.

Enough. I think maybe a Jack Daniels and coke is in order.


Tracy said...

Do you know that if you salute a single magpie all the sorrow goes away. I do it all the time, my hubby thinks I'm nuts so I do it slyly now and pretend I'm flicking my fringe. Don't know why I bother he always knows what I'm up to!

Annie said...

This is nothing to do with your post today, but is a request for help. You seem to have got the link for the UKnitters blogring working properly and I wondered if you could share the secret with me. I use Blogger, but just can't get the link to work properly. Any help for this computer Luddite would be appreciated.
Your daughter looks really cute in her poncho.

Ali said...

Your kids certainly keep you busy knitting! Its great that they're so enthusiastic. My mum knitted lots of stuff for my sister and I when we were young but we were far less appreciative. I hope you also find time to knit yourself something!

Annie said...

Thanks for your advice on the UKnitters button problem. I will try re-doing it in my template and see what happens.
Thanks also for your kind comments about my knitting - I'm now thinking about doing another shawl exactly the same as the first and stitching them together to make a poncho!