Tuesday, 3 May 2005


Hope you all had an enjoyable May Day Bank Holiday yesterday.

We stayed with my DH's parents and went for a walk and picnic in the beautiful Mortimer Forest in Ludlow. On the way back we stopped at the riverside cafe for an ice-cream - that was during a sunny bit in between the rainy bits - well it was an English Bank Holiday!

After eating our ice-creams my dear MIL took my daughters for an exploration across the metal grid spanning the weir and over the rock stepping stones to the little island. Good idea.

I decided to follow - bad idea.

There I was confidently striding along to catch them up over the grid, then down the stone slope towards the stepping stones, when I failed to notice the Very Slippy Bit leading down to the water's edge. You guessed it, the next second I found myself sat very firmly on the rock, having performed an absolute classic feet-shooting-out-forwards-from-underneath-you type move!

Luckily the rock had been worn very smooth by the water over the years. Luckily I had landed on a slimey and damp bit of rock and not actually in the water. Luckily I had put out me left arm as I felt myself slipping to take the inital force off my derriere. Unluckily that arm is now very sore!

Still, at least DH got the whole incident on camcorder, so you may be lucky enough to watch it on "You've Been Framed" or some similar program in the future!

And hey, I can still knit, so what's the big deal?! And I had finished my ice-cream already.. ;-)


Tracy said...

It's always that way isn't it? You make a completely nana of yourself only to find you have been recorded for all eternity.

Becky said...

Oh dear - how dreadful - still as you say - you can still knit, so it's not so bad !