Thursday, 12 May 2005

It's a Tigger day!

Yep, stripes everywhere. Although personally I'm wearing a top covered with circles, but that's life.

First up is my eldest daughter's
crochet striped poncho. When fringing the ladder scarf/belt the other evening I decided that fringing was not such a nasty pastime, and so got round to doing this one last night. I must confess that it's been in the To-Do pile for a fair few months. I got rid of the corkscrew edging because despite being beautiful, it was very heavy and using masses of yarn. So here is my daughter wearing it at breakfast time this morning (as soon as she set eyes on it!):

Quote: "Mommy you finished it at last!"

I guess she must like it as I have to take it to school when I collect her this afternoon so that she can wear it on the way home. :-) Makes me feel good, that does. Here it is in all it's glory:

I wonder if it makes good wings..?

Now I know that I'm part of the "Say no to the Poncho" ring, but you are allowed to make them for other people. I wouldn't dream of wearing one myself; I never liked them first time around.

Of course my youngest daughter has requested one now, in "rainbow and blue" colours. Better get ebay-ing for more yarn! Hee hee. ;-)

And now, as promised, the picture of the variegated mohair wrap:


I really do love this, and I find the easy-peasy Feather and Fan stitch very addictive.

Right, better go do some housework!


Emily said...

I love the colours in that variegated mohair! Its gorgeous! Looks like the wrap is coming along well.

Tracy said...

She's looking very pleased with it, I'm not surprised you're glowing.

stefani said...

The colors are gorgeous! I love the waves.

SarahBeth said...

I love this so much! you've got me hunting on ebat to find some of this yarn for myself but with no luck so far!

SarahBeth (from the bus stop!)