Monday, 9 May 2005

Fringe this!

I went on to frantically knit up all the ladder yarn left over from the cowl-scarf-necklace-thingy. I did 12 stitches and garter stitch, and made sure I had enough yarn left for a fringe, and ended up with this:

It's a tasty decorative scarf..

..and it's a funky belt

Which I rather like.

After that I knitted up the last few stitches from the first ball of the mohair for my wrap, and then promptly frogged it all carefully AGAIN - this is the 3rd time if you include the tension square! It just wasn't going to be long enough, so I resolved to stick with my original calculations and width, and cast on again for 4 pattern repeats wide and as many long as the yarn will stretch to.
I promise you will see the gorgeous colours of this yarn soon!
I guess that answers
Janine's question about whether I'm using a pattern or not - no! Just the Ridged Feather Stitch (Feather and Fan) stitch instructions from my stitch directory.

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