Saturday, 25 June 2005

Pressies for everyone

What a great day. Last night I finished my grape top, and wore it for part of today; here's a shot my 6yo daughter took of me wearing it:

Wow, it fits as if it were made for me!

I'm really pleased with it as it fits beautifully and the All Seasons Cotton is a joy to wear.

As promised, here are the pics of my first Secret Pal 5 package which I received first thing this morning. First, my girls wearing their new tops which were part of the package:

A big hit! :-)

They fit great, and the girls have worn them all day. They were so pleased to receive such a lovely surprise. Thank you Secret Pal from them!

Then my part; lots of pressies for me here!

What a great selection!

It includes 4 balls of delicate pink cotton yarn and a coordinating dusky pink slub cotton yarn, plus 2 balls of variegated pink crochet thread which I could use as a edging for a top made from the cotton yarns. Then there's a lovely pink iron-on flower, some fab beads, 2 laces, a lovely handmade paper card, some delicious almond nougat type smooth chocolate, a vegetable sauce mix (apparently used all the time there) and 3 packs of yummy-looking hot chocolate drink mix!

Wow! I can't believe there was so much packed into that one box, and apparently there's more to come! The cost of items must be much lower there (Croatia) than here; which is great. Thank you so much Secret Pal for such a wonderful selection. The chocolate is gorgeous BTW - and almost all gone. ;-)


scarletprincess said...

Hey there! How lucky are you getting all that stuff!!! Your top looks fantastic, well done!!

Ali said...

What a lovely surprise. I especially like the fact that your girls got pressies too - your secret pal is very considerate!!And I love your top - great colours.

Tracy said...

Wow, what a great package!

littlelixie said...

What a great pal!

Andrea said...

Lovely SP5 package! your daughters must have felt so special to have been included - how considerate. Lovely goodies for you to! I'm really enjoying being part of SP5 - just seeing what other people get! I've sent out my 1st package to my recipient and have been promised I'll be receiving my own 1st package by teh end of this month! I can't wait:)