Tuesday, 7 June 2005

The stash has landed!

Yes, my order from Wollywood in Germany is here in double-quick time! I'm impressed. I ordered the yarn last Wednesday evening, received email confirmation the next day, and less than 1 week later it's here:

Lana Grossa "Presto" in shade 06

I guess I'll be making that top soon! Also included was a freebie - a Filati pattern book in English; excellent:

A freebie!

I'll definately be using that company again. :-)

Also today I asked the trusty Rose her opinion, and ended up buying this gorgeous shade of Rowan Kidsilk Haze to do the beaded edging on my mohair wrap:

Yes, I will do my first beaded edging!

Bonus - there will be plenty of yarn left to make a gorgeous featherlight scarf. I'm a happy bunny today. :-)

My girls are happy too - my received their Snazaroo facepaint set I ordered from ebay last week and the girls decided to use it immediately:

Note the bigger toothy gap!

Her own design ;-)

Smiles all round. The house is full of a luscious vanilla scent too; I treated myself to a sale pack of vanilla bodywash and eau de toilette from
The Body Shop today, and I gave a tiny bit to the girls in their evening bath. Good move! Right, where are those knitting needles..?!


Tracy said...

Those beads look like a slightly larger version of the ones I'm using for my "shhh" project. It's going to look gorgeous with the wrap and that KSH colour too.

scarletprincess said...

Hey that wrap will look fantastic whenit is completed... i cannot believe you are willing to give it away!! Though it would make a beautiful gift. I have succumbed and made my own blog today so I hope you don't mind if I take a few tips from yours

littlelixie said...

Have hard good things about that company. Good to see what they are sending out as well. Thanks!

Andrea said...

Hi Steph
I linked to Woolywood from reading about it on your blog and have ordered some yarn. The yarn I ordered stated to allow 10 days because they ordered it in (i.e. 10 days even for German customers). I'm impressed so far re: emails keeping me informed and now my yarn has been dispatched - I hope I get the freebie pattern book as well - fingers crossed!!!

Just read further down your blog that you went to Jane Crowfoots finishing techniques course - was this at the Rowan Holmfirth Mill in February??