Monday, 6 June 2005

Secret Pal 5 activity

Oooh, I do love these Secret Pal exchanges! I heard from the Pal who's spoiling me last week, and now I have the details of the Pal I'm to spoil too. I've been studying her blog and have come up with a shopping list. I just adore buying knitting related items, even if they're not for me!

I've just placed my first order with Getknitted, which includes some woolly wash and kinked darning needles for me; I saw Jane Crowfoot using those kinked needles during my finishing techniques day course, and they look really easy to use. Anything that makes seaming easier has to be a good purchase!

Right, I'd better go and prepare the strawberries for DH's pud as he's looking like a sad puppy ;-), make tomororw's sandwiches (groan!) and then get on with my Branching Out scarf - now that's more like it. :-)


dawn said...

getknitted are great to order from, I do hope that you've bought some yarn! Gorgeous yarns that aren't readily available over here in the UK.
Branching out is on my to-do list too. Just have to find time!

Ali said...

Hi Steph
I love the Branching Out scarf too - it looks really difficult. How have you found it so far?