Sunday, 12 June 2005

Virgin activity

Yes, it's true, this is my first time. (Blush). I've never blocked before. Shock, horror! I usually just steam iron the offending pieces gently until they submit. ;-)

This time is different. I finished the
Branching Out scarf at 12:50am this morning (yes that's like the middle of the night!). It looked so delicate and soft, and the yarn is so yummy (Jaeger Alpaca 4-ply) that I decided to Do It The Right Way. Here are my attempts this morning:

I never could keep a straight line!

I think it will be fine. When it's dry I'm packing it in tissue paper and sending it off to my Secret Pal; hope she likes it!

Ali asked about the difficulty of the pattern. I'm not into lace knitting, but I found this easy enough. I would recommend lace beginners (like me!) to sit quietly (no kids, no TV!) and work on a few repeats slowly; by about the 10th repeat you should be getting a good feel for it. I never got to the point where I could do the whole thing without looking at the chart, but I did get a lot quicker.

I still feel awkward using circular needles (you don't have to for this but I wanted the practise), so if I make another I will use straights. And I may well make another; once you get into the rhythm of the pattern it goes pretty fast.

Right, back to my secret project - which I happily frogged completely at 1am this morning; no I haven't gone completely mad, just wait and see!


Ali said...

You need to get some sleep Steph!! But your hard work has certainly paid off! I'm very interested to hear that you normally steam press rather than wet block (presumably this is what is required for "branching out"). I'm still confused by the whole blocking thing as everyone seems to do something different!! Is the scarf for yourself?

scarletprincess said...

Hi Steph! I'm about 1/2 way with my 'branching out' and i admit i usually steam press.... i'll have to get into blocking though but hey what works for one doesn't for another.
Hope the secret pal likes it(she'd be silly not to!)
fi x

littlelixie said...

Your secret pal is one lucky person!

Amelia said...

Don't you just love it when you get that second knitting wind late at night. Suddenly you not only want to block your latest FO but also to cast on your next project. Branching out looks lovely and I like your choice of yarn. I might need to have a look at some of that next time I am in LYS.

Karen said...

Wow is your secret pal lucky! Nice scarf!!!!